steve jobs and us

Back in August both Cas and I started listening to the Steve Jobs biography and learning all about Apple. On Friday we had dinner in downtown Spokane and took a walk to the Apple store to check things out. We went right to the MacBooks and started playing with them, the Air then Pro. We fell in love with the Air, it’s super light, thin and fast. We walked around and played with the new iPhones, then over to the iPods.

Then we were sucked back into the Air world. After playing around with it for an hour we asked “should we?” Paper, rocks, scissors, lizard, Spock. We decided we needed to go for a walk (something Steve Jobs did when he needed to work something out).

With forty five minutes left before closing, we asked for two MacBook Airs and a crash course in the Mac world. Our sales person was nice, but really did not teach us anything that we already did not know.

We are now on a whole new world of discovery and we love it. We still have a ton to learn, but with winter coming, we will have plenty of time. Best Christmas gift ever.