itunes match

After going back and forth since its launch, I finally decided to sign up for iTunes Match. With the new additions to the family (Mac and Mackey), I thought it would be great to have all our music in the iCloud so we could easily manage the music on all our devises.

It started to scan last night and we have over 6600 songs and its working on uploading the other 634 songs they did not have. I think most of those are from the Napster days and many from The Blue Devils and DCI. Looking back at the music, my first folder was in 2007. My first iPod was the original shuffle, which I must have bought around 2004. I loved it. In 2005 I lost all my music most when that PC died, and had to start fresh.

After hearing a news story about a house that caught fire, and having lost all their family photos in the fire, I thought it would be smart to get an external hard drive, so when the big one came, I could grab the drive and save all the family photos. I now have two.