5 days until Tour

For the next five days I’m looking over photos from my tours with The Blue Devils and sharing their photo story.
Number 5 is from the 2015 Tour. Each tour when it’s time for the Eastern Classic in Allentown,PA we make the town of Hamburg, PA our home for a few days.
Devils Food is our mobile kitchen and when we get to a housing site we connect to water and power at the school. We discovered our first year here that when we connect the hose to the facet there is a kick back of water that shoots out from the pressure valve on the facet. The water creates a puddle of water that we try and keep cleaned up so know one slips. In this photo Tabatha is clearing the way before the Corps Members arrive for their meal.
Our favorite pastime is to watch the members walk past and get a surprised spray of water or better yet when they try and escape the sun and sit next to it and it goes off. 

To be honest, it never gets old and is always great fun to watch year after year. 


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