3 days until Tour

Number 3 is from 2011. I’m not sure where this was taken, but it shows one of my favorite things to do while on tour…meeting and talking with fans.

We on the Promo team are so lucky because we are often the closes fans get to meeting the Blue Devils. We are truly a Blue Devils information hub for many people. From answering questions on how to audition , how to get Wayne Downey or Scott Chandler this music for a show idea, or where are the Blue Devils from.
Often they think we know every member of the corps by name “please tell Jack that his sisters friend said hi”. Some of the yearly chats include, talking about the good old days of the 1980’s Drum Corps shows, about how I got involved with The Blue Devils, explaining where Concord, CA is, encouraging them to just try out for next season, and sharing the secret of where the Corps is warming up. This last one is always tricky for us as we often have no idea where they are or if they have arrived yet. This mostly happens at the larger shows when we are working an 18 hour shift inside a stadium.
I love talking drum corps and sharing stories with others who know exactly what I am talking about. A few times way up here in Idaho, I have been stopped while wearing a BD shirt and asked if that’s the drum corps. When I say yes, the energy level goes full force and I am connecting with this stranger about something few understand. It’s amazing and I feel so lucky to be part of the activity.
Who would have known that the pounding sound I heard on summer nights growing up in Concord in the early 1980’s were the Blue Devils. That a few years later I would be invited to be a volunteer with them and almost 30 years later I am still listening to that pounding sound during the summer.


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