4 days until Tour

Number 4 is from 1987 and my first national tour with The Blue Devils. I was hired as part of a four person food crew this summer and the trailer was my home for thirty days as we crossed the country. It was only two years old at the time and it was the longest and highest trailer allowed on the roads. She was a beauty.

See those two small windows in the back, that’s where we slept. There were four bunk beds back there and we would stay in Devils Food as we traveled down the road. We would try and sleep, but we would bounce in our bunks the entire time. We would often just sit in the main kitchen and enjoy the views, mostly sunrises as we had no curtains, so we were up like it or not. I remember making up a salad as we zoomed along the highway, waving to the Santa Clara Vanguard as we passed and even stopping the fleet along the road once when we smelled propane. Back in 1985 we lost our old food truck to a fire, so no one took any chances. Luckily for us it was nothing and we were back on the road in no time.
Devils Food is still in use today, although our bunk beds is now a pantry and its had major upgrades over the years. Devils Food is part of my BD history, and I still enjoy helping set her up in the mornings and going to the grocery store to restock her. She still makes a mean cup of coffee. 

This is a photo of the back entrance of Devils Food. What makes this picture special for me is that back in 1987 I was driving the B Corps truck and they wanted to get lettering for the back of the truck “Blue Devils B Corps”. I was given the project to find and get the lettering for the roll up door of the truck.
After My truck project they asked if I could order lettering for Devils Food? I said you got it. Fast forward 17 years to my first tour with the Promo team in 2004 and I see Devils Food for the first time. Goose bumps are everywhere as I walk to the back of the trailer and see my lettering looking as sharp as ever.


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