Last day before Tour

As I get set to leave for tour there has been one person that has been with me every moment of my Promo team life, Tabatha! We first connected in 2003 when she was a Promo Princess now 13 years later she is my Tour Wife and this photo from 2013 is our honeymoon photo.

My first show with Tabatha, she was a beast. She came roaring in with the truck and trailer, parked it, dropped it and started to set up. To keep up with her, I knew I had to just jump in, and get started with setting up. Tabatha was a great teacher, If I ever turned the bills in the wrong direction she would tell me ” they all need to go in the same direction” and if I folded a shirt wrong she would just give me the look and fold it properly.
Tab and I worked so well together, we just know what has to be done and do it. Over the years we became a staple of the Promo teams, and the best of friends, sharing lots of laughs and making the best of life on the road. In 2006 we were asked multiple times by other promo teams if we were married, and so Tab become my tour wife.
There is nothing we can’t handle. From working 18 shifts, getting a truck and trailer up a steep hill, running a show by ourselves or driving all day, pulling right into the show and selling for the next five hours… we’ve done it all.
In 2009 we added our Son Mikey to our Promo family and this year we have our daughter Suzy with us 😀. This year will also be the last year we will have Mom Gail with us on the road.
Our Blue Devils family may be changing but our love for each other will never end.


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