In 1977 I discovered albums

I had always listened to pop music on the radio, Dr Don Rose on KFRC was my go to AM radio station for the latest hits of the 70’s. At the age of 10, my elementary school had each homeroom perform, and we were to sing “Top of the World” by the Carpenters. It was a total class event, and I had to memorize the lyrics.

I ran home, put on the album and listened to this beautiful voice singing to me. I remember practicing the lyrics over and over and over again. Side note: Mom and I have the great voices in the family. I would sit in the front room of our house on Halifax , listening and looking over the album covers. I would listen to the entire album, then start again. We had a pair of the old school headphones that always warmed my ears after a while, so I would have to let my ears cool.

My parents didn’t have a huge record collection, but I sure remember the feelings theses songs gave me. Music made me feel alive inside.


I remember coming home from school, and putting this album on to practice my first recital to the world. This is where my love of song lyrics begun and still continues today with the newest hits.


My Mom was a huge Barry Manilow fan growing up, this is one of the first albums I remember listening too. I use to love the figuring on the cover. Mom would always be listening and singing too Barry. This love affair lasted all through my schooling, so its little wonder that I also fell in love with the music of Barry. When I was young, I hated the slow songs, I always favored the fast tempo stuff. Once in High School, I really started to appreciate his ballads, and this love affair continues today.


It’s funny the things you remember. I would lay on the couch and listen to the album, as I analyzed every drawing the front and back of the album. What I remember most, was on the back, there is a little naked butt, pooping. Maybe thats why I appreciate a good fart joke?


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